Pate-de-verre (Hand-poured-glass( coral camelia necklace

Pate-de-verre (Hand-poured-glass( coral camelia necklace

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Pate-De-Verre (Hand-Poured-Glass) Coral Camelia Necklace

Description: With a vibrant punch of orange, this stylish and amazingly made necklace brings colour into your outfit. The French word Pate-de-verre (hand poured glass) comes from the process of hand pouring molten glass into the pre-shaped pieces or wire and metal. The tiny bubbles, uneven surfaces and the colour variations are all part of the individual charm & character of each piece.


Materials: French Handmade Pate-de-verre 


Dimensions: 26cm Total Drop, 6cm in Width


Era: New