Art Deco carved coral Galalith necklace detailed and stunning c.1930's - Harlequin Market

Art Deco Carved Coral Galalith Necklace Detailed and Stunning c.1930's

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Art Deco Carved Coral Galalith Necklace Detailed & Stunning c.1930's

This statement necklace has a deeply carved rectangle pendant featuring a carved dragon, flowers, and round beads of graduated-sized coral-melon-coloured Galalith. This vintage necklace showcases various textures, depths and designs, making it a highly unique and collectible piece. 

Galalith is a synthetic plastic material manufactured by the interaction of casein and formaldehyde. A fabulous addition to your early plastics collection!

Colours: Melon

Materials: Galalith, Mixed metal chain

Age: c. 1930's 

Style: Necklace

Chain Dimensions:

  • 36cm drop

Pendant dimensions:

  • length - 10cm
  • width - 5.5cm

Condition: This necklace has a slight surface craze.