William Griffiths / The Master of Metal


William Griffiths / The Master of Metal


A manipulator of precious metals & stones creating bespoke forms - delicate whispers of diamonds, incorporating hearts, crosses, swallows, skulls, cherubs, animals & floral accents.
William Griffith's opulent gothic cathedral rings are legendary, as they rise to adorn our fingers, opulent distinctive and breathtaking.

Dedicated to creating unique pieces, Griffiths seeks out rare and unusual stones and materials with which to work, thus resulting in effervescent, interesting and dramatic pieces each with their own distinctive, individual beauty.

Harlequin Market is proud to represent this talented maker of wonderful jewellery.


The owner of Harlequin Market, Bruna Harrison had the pleasure of visiting Griffiths studio in Melbourne. 

Please enjoy this selection of images where you can see William meticulously working on his little pieces of art.


Truly amazing.


William working in his Melbourne studio.


An assortment of William Griffiths rings worn by Bruna Harrison.



Selection of sterling silver rings by William Griffiths available at Harlequin Market


Selection of sterling silver & 18kt gold stackable rings available at Harlequin Market




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