Why we love to stack on armloads of bracelets & bangles & cuffs

"The fun began once I popped a crystal bracelet between the arm staples".

Owner and buyer of Harlequin Market, Bruna Harrison talks about her armload of bangles and bracelets styled below.



The most fun jewels to wear are wrist ornaments, whether they are solid colourful bakelite bangles, gold, silver, brass or bronze bracelets or super bling crystal bracelets in every colour combo imaginable.


The endless combination of element and design will serve as a non stop daily ritual of arm decoration.

The fun of it all is mixing and matching and above all being able to see and enjoy your own creation reserved only to wrists with the exception of rings - so go ahead and start stacking. Remember there are no rules or limits only ones you make yourself.



A selection of vintage and unique bangles and bracelets available from Harlequin Market - HERE


We have put together a selection of mood images to show you how its really done.


image via pinterest


Image via vogue.com




Left -  Maria Felix Right - Loulou de la Falaise



Giovanna Battaglia



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