USA / Paris Buyers Diary 2015

New York City

New York  

Treasure Hunt - USA

NYC Cupcakes 

Cupcakes in Soho




Paris / France

Paris 2015  


A sneak peak of what is arriving in the coming months. 

Marais Paris

Marais, Paris

Paris 2015

Cafe de la Comedie - Rue Saint Honor.

As many of you already know, owner and buyer, Bruna Harrison has just returned from her annual buying trip with some incredible, new pieces in tow, and many more to come over the coming months. Prepare yourself for a feast of vintage ornaments.
Wearable, individual works have been sourced personally by Bruna.
We wanted to show you a few images of Bruna's buying trip to get you excited for what is to come. All the great pieces we are known for plus more exciting works, that are exclusive to Harlequin Market.
Hailing from a ll over the world, they are delicate to chunky, s hiny yellow gold to matte and various textures in between. 
I can confirm that we will be receiving a small range of rare, coveted vintage Chanel jewellery, an extremely interesting
collection of Bakelite, gilt silver, gilded gold & lots more.
These unique relics are easily wearable, wear one alone as a stand out piece or dare to wear many - let your imagination wander..

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We look forward to seeing you soon and hope that you are just as excited about our new treasures!

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