The story of Harlequin Market; how did we get our name?



At Harlequin Market, were all about self-expression, looking amazing and having fun. So naturally, our inspiration comes from the story of Harlequin.





The character of Harlequin is known all around the world as fun, mischievous and light hearted. But theres a little more to Harlequin than that. The original character of Harlequin was created in the late 16th century and portrayed a young, beaten-down servant, who no matter what, kept up a vibrant, kind hearted and clever personality.




Much of what the Harlequin did to gain joy for himself and others was to dress himself in extraordinary outfits, both bright and striking. The story of Harlequin follows the characters journey into success from starting off with nothing to attracting the attention of the world around him through self-expression, costume and decoration.


Thats why at HQM, we love to decorate ourselves in what makes us feel good, to inspire and to create, and the good news is, anyone can do it without great cost or wealth. Whats important is the passion and desire to express oneself with the use of adornment and dress. 





Pablo Picasso 1901