The 'Icons'

From top // Anna Pavlova, 1920s, Harlequin Market Spider Brooch, Orthodox Icon Coloring Book, Lea Stein Corolle Brooch, Classic Hermes Scarf, Mickey Mouse Club, Hard Painted 'Betty Boop' EarringsHand Painted 'Cat Woman' Earrings1962 - Original YSL Logo by Cassandre and YSL logo and Yves Saint Laurent muse Loulou de la Falaise, Brad Elfink (U.S.A) Reworked Bakelite Cat Brooch
Herbert Leupin - Rolex, Vintage Signed 'Butler and Wilson' Brooch, Signed 'VRBA' Militarty Style Brooch, Signed 'VRBA' Military Signed Brooch

The meaning of the word 'Icon'

Iconic; a visual representation to be revered to or simply, to look up to. 
Icons have been a part of the human psyche for millennia. 


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We have gathered some of our dearest iconic inspirations above for you to contemplate.