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Add colour!


Camilla is a Summer time must, and always a statement piece you can go back to by dressing it up or down.

Camilla has captured her inspiration from the clear waters of the Aegean and the Mediterranean sea, the alley ways that carry the smell of cinnamon and Turkish spices. Hidden stain glass churches and wild flowers covering the secret stair-well covered in Moorish Spanish tiles leading to the sea.

We are constantly asked whether jewellery should match the pieces or should the piece itself do the talking?

We are of the opinion that some of our Harlequin Market jewels can either accentuate the Camilla colours and prints or be worn as stand our pieces. For example; picking up on the bursting lemon yellows, the spiced oranges and ocean blues.

Making a statement piece work on a statement outfit can be a fine line, however, with a little styling help from Harlequin Market, you can make your statement this Summer.

Dont be afraid to play, be bold and have fun! That is why Jewellery is a girls best friend.





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