New Additions / Czech Bohemia Jewellery at Harlequin Market


The Bohemian province of the Austro-Hungarian empire was the center of the glass-making industry at the turn of the century. French jet, Egyptian revival scarabs, Art Nouveau and Art Deco moulded glass pins and buckles, faceted glass and wood beads, Celluloid jewellery and pyrope rose-cut garnets all originated in Bohemia.
Czechoslovakian jewellery is fairly distinctive and easy to recognise, although some French jewellery looks similar since they imported many of the glass stones and beads between the wars.  Although Czech pieces are not all marked, many of them are, but the marks are often well hidden on the edge of the pins of brooches, or on the clasp or final link of necklaces.  In the Twenties, long sautoirs and pendant earrings adorned the flappers. The metal work was made from non precious metals (including zinc, brass and copper) was woven into intricate filigree patterns and designs and then encrusted with crystals and glass beads which were indicative of the pieces that were born out of that era. 
Our pieces are sourced directly from this region and date back to circa 1930's 1940's. We invite you to view this collection  - HERE Go to our online store to view the rest of our unique vintage and contemporary pieces - www.harlequinmarket.com
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