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We have happened upon another small collection of Vintage Christian Lacroix Jewellery which has been added to our collection online and in store. Please enjoy our curated selection of collection images from some of our favourite Christian Lacroix runway shows below! To acquire a piece of Lacroix jewellery is to enjoy forever an adornment which will lift ones outfit as well as ones spirits all at the same time!


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Left: Right: Fall 2008




Christian Lacroix is known for his use of rich textures which reach beyond the norm.


Vibrant colours, 18th century art inspired prints and something that will forever stand out in history. With his background in historical costume and clothing, art history, and French 18th-century painting, Lacroix completely embraced the enchantment of the old world history clashed with today.

Launching his Couture line in 1987, the vintage-inspired pieces he created were elaborate and eccentric And the interdiction of this statement jewellery features romantic motifs - from hearts and crosses to roses, seashells, and embracing the texture of the precious metals and stones.

He had a great panache for clashing vibrant colours together such as fuchsia and orange, emerald green and purple, cobalt blue and yellow etc.



Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall-Winter 1990



If I was a fashion designer just following trends

or designing for celebrities, I wound not be fulfilled


Christian Lacroix







Left: Couture 2007, Right: Fall 2007




Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall-Winter 1989





Left: Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall 1991, Right:

Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall 2008





" I love everything that is unique, bazaar and exclusing" 

Christian Lacroix





Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall-Winter 1988







Left: Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall 1992, Right: Spring 2009




Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall-Winter 1990





Christian Lacroix, Couture Spring-Summer 1994






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Christian Lacroix couturier, fashion historian, carnation-lover and all-time hero of Edina from Absolutely Fabulous Embark on an alphabetical trip through his life in la mode…