McClelland Barclay's highly collectible jewellery collection.

McClelland Barclay who is renowned for his beautiful Art deco designs began his jewellery line in 1938, however he died in 1943 making his pieces extremely scarce. He was behind some of the most stunning vintage jewellery ever made and according to Frank Rezazedahs primer in his book, COSTUME JEWELRY: A PRACTICAL HANDBOOK & VALUE ,If you ever come across a piece of jewellery marked McClelland Barclay, buy it without hesitation, for if you dont you may never see it again. Barclay jewellery is not only extremely rare, but is also among the very best costume jewellery ever made in America. (p. 111)

Another drawing point is that vintage costume jewellery contains many of the design elements of fine art. This is no accident. Many artists worked as jewellery designers. His deco designs were distinctive and well made. Today, his jewellery remains rare and highly collectible. His artistic career was cut short when he became a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve during WWII. He was on active duty when tragically he was killed in 1943.  


Defined, strength of design often influenced by earlier Art Deco, use of vibrant rhinestones (foil backed for added brilliance) which often adorn his pieces. These are just some of the reasons I personally consider McClelland Barclay highly collectible.

If you see a piece that you love, just buy it as his original pieces are hard to find.

Here at HQM we are pleased to present a small, rare and collectible collection of McClelland Barclay, all pieces are signed and in excellent vintage condition with original stones and clasps.

Enjoy! Bruna Harrison







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Barclay was an accomplished painter, illustrator, sculptor and jewellery designer, McClelland Barclay had developed a very successful art career by the time he became a Lieutenant in the Naval Reserve in 1938.

During the 1920s and 30s, McClelland Barclays images were selected by art directors for the nations most popular periodicals: Collier's, Country Gentleman, Redbook, Pictorial Review, Coronet, Country Life, Saturday Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal, Cosmopolitan, and a host of movie magazines.