Inspired by Josephine Baker | New Lea Stein Brooch




Having been inspired by Lea Stein's latest image of Josephine Baker's 'Lido' brooch which has recently arrived at Harlequin Market. We decided to further research the beautiful and exotic icon Josephine Baker.



Baker was a revolutionary vocalist, dancer and actress, and extraordinary Black woman bellowed during the Roaring Twenties. But it was that Banana Dance and banana skirt thats become just as iconic as the person who first wore it nearly 90 years ago.

In a time where African Americans were vilified, Baker set her sail for France where she performed show after show on the stages of Paris, eventually becoming one of the countrys highest earning entertainers.

She gave to Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, and Christian Dior.


Nicknamed Black Venus, Baker was a sight to behold absolutely comfortable in her own skin just as she was in a couture silk gown, Baker certainly set the bar high for performers of today. 


Weve rounded up a few collectible pieces of jewellery from Harlequin Market that are worthy of a standing ovation.  



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Here are some of the bare facts of her incredible life:


She started out as a preteen street performer in St. Louis, Missouri, and toured the country on the vaudeville circuit at the age of 13.

When shed hit the limit of what a woman of colour could achieve in the U.S., she just scampered off to Paris, where she was instantly worshipped.

She had a PET CHEETAH who wore a DIAMOND COLLAR.

She adopted 12 children of different races and nationalities and called them her rainbow tribe.

She retired to a giant CASTLE in the French countryside.




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