How to wear your Lea Stein Paris Pin's / Style Tip's from Harlequin Market


Image via @josephfashion & vogue.com



These addictive little brooches require no particular rules other than to just let your heart lead the way. In my many years of buying and selling a myriad of designs and styles of jewellery, Lea Stein's pieces are the ones which just keep on keeping on.

They have many loyal followers who can't seem to get enough and I must quietly admit that I am one of them, just when I think that I have seen them all, and I certainly have enough; another interesting fox or cheeky cat face will appear which I have to have!

And this seems to be the way it is with collectors and people who just love the pieces.

Choosing a leastein piece is a very personal thing, it ought to please no one but yourself. You may be attracted to the image, or the colour or a feeling it may invoke.
What ever the reason you are attracted to a piece is...
Buy it, wear it and enjoy it!

As for wearing your Lea Stein pieces, wear them anywhere and wear as many as you like!

There are no rules only the ones you make yourself!


That's why we were so excited when we saw the Fall 2016 Joseph ready-to-wear collection at London fashion week. Louise Trotter adorned her collection with vintage Lea Stein pins and we honestly looked so amazing. It was basically all about personalization, Trotter said.

A pop of bright colour and and interesting animal image is perfect to spice up any outfit and also a great way to individualise your style.




Lea Stein Butter The Horse Head Brooch Cream Stripes + Brown Tones


Lea Stein Attila The Cat Brooch Multi Green


Lea Stein Buba Owl Brooch Maroon + Lavender



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