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Harlequin Market Vintage Horse Medallion Neck Chain

Material: Brass

Pendent Style Medalian Necklace

Made in the UK


Seen on the Spring 15 runways of Derek Lam and Cline, the pendant necklace is making a comeback. 

The new jewellery trend is all about being streamlined, with a long chain that hits at your midsection, culminating with a pendant that is either earthy, groovy, architectural or classic. As a bold statement, the pendent necklace is easy to wear over a simple T-shirt, a leather dress, a lace top, or even a turtle neck as seen worn by Giovanna Battaglia above.

Fashion is a dance between minimalism and maximalism, but let's just say that when it comes to jewellery, more is always more. (And less is a bore!)





Choose your neck piece according to your necklines.

When donning a bold necklace, it is important to keep the rest of your look simple and sleek. Let the necklace make the statement, and if you feel its appropriate, compliment it with a bold lip.

Necklace like sautoirs, large pendants or multiple strands of beads, looks great when teamed with scoop necks.

A v-shaped necklace will always match with a v-neckline, similarly an angular style necklace will match with a square neckline.


Choker, short slim pendants, flat metal necklace are ideal for collared shirt.

Petit people can wear huge chunky necklaces or long pendants, all it takes is seeing oneself differently and having the confidence to do so.

Jackie O


Ultimate style icon! The First Lady, Jacki O - 1973



HQM Pendent Necklaces 


Pendants and Outfits

Pendants should be chosen to accent and augment the wearers outfit. They should be fluid additions. 

This stylistic instinct will be useful when applied to fashionable jewellery.

First and foremost, a pendant should be appropriate for the situation in which it will be worn. Age appropriateness is of less concern, since women of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcome in the world of fashion and the wearing of jewellery is no exception. It is important in all instances when dressing and adorning, to be true to ones self and do all you feel.


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