History Collectability & Style - On Adornment with Bruna Harrison

On behalf of us all at Harlequin Market, it gives us great pleasure to introduce to you the first of our newsletters. 

Owner and buyer Bruna Harrison will now be sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with you via these newsletters on a regular basis. We invite you to respond with questions and comments. The first on these newsletters will be presented via e-mail in the next week.


Words by Bruna // 

"Adornment has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As a little girl rummaging through my mother's sewing box for bits and pieces of buttons and ribbons with which to decorate myself was a favourite pastime. Simply making daisy chains in the park was a wonderful experience - draping myself and everybody else with these little beauties of living art. No excuse or analysis is needed to throw on something beautiful, interesting or just plain crazy, all you need is a little bit of imagination!


In response to the many requests and suggestions that I have received, I will be sharing my vast knowledge and experience of jewellery buying, collecting and styling with you.


I'll be delving into the history and craftsmanship of jewellery making and, most importantly, offering up some tips on how to wear it. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated and I will respond where possible. " 


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