Grace Loves Lace 'Femme' Utopia' and layers of vintage Chanel costume jewellery!


Channeling an idealistic world of sophistication & luxury, Femme Utopia is inspired by & crafted for women of passion, style & substance. Grace Loves Laces latest every day collection entitled 'Femme Utopia' ushers in a new generation of romantic flair for everyday & occasion wear. Here at Harlequin Market when we think of Sophistication, Luxury and Romanticism we think of Chanel Jewellery!

The campaign for Femme Utopia was styled back heavily with vintage Chanel jewellery from us here at Harlequin Market and we could not think of a better match made in heaven!

We have happened upon another small collection of vintage Chanel jewellery which has been added to our collection AVAILABLE HERE

From Rare 1970's Gripoix pendents, oversized CC Chanel hoop earrings to 1980's Classic Chanel single strap lambskin leather quilted handbag.

Opulence & femininity are elemental to the aesthetic. Strikingly soft silhouettes & elegant dashings of Chanel gold-tone costume jewellery collide in a beautiful paradox reminiscent of the muse herself who is an endearing lover yet transient go-getter.





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