Gauging the value of costume jewellery.. Bruna Harrison

Gauging the value of costume jewellery..

Prices and values vary enormously depending on the country where a piece is purchased, the rarity, where it's made, whether a piece is signed or unsigned, and who the seller is? 
Whether it be a private sale, auction sale or a dealer, and of course the currency is also to be taken into consideration.
We at Harlequin Market, highly recommend and encourage your own research into vintage and other costume jewellery, this is also a great way to learn and understand the aesthetic and value of the maker, design and quality of the pieces.

There are many books written on the valuations of specific pieces of costume jewellery warning of overpriced to undervalued pieces, critiques of the best and worst pieces, which will be the best purchase for the future not to mention what to buy and where and how to wear it... as if this is all not enough to confuse and discourage you the buyer and wearer! 
We then find that certain celebs, prominent social set and rock stars do it all better than us anyway! So, after all this what to buy where to buy and
How to wear it ...is it any wonder whole idea can seem to be just to hard! This is when many People let the idea go. 
I have only 3 things to say about such a dilemma.

Firstly... you and only you matters here; if it attracts you then it's for you.
Secondly... if in doubt about how often you will wear the piece just allow yourself the luxury of your imagination to take over (not everything has to be practical)

Thirdly... this will be about the price; if you can afford it, buy it! If you cannot afford it now but maybe in the future consider a lay by or lay away and seriously budget for it, remember it's the things you love and don't buy that become regrettable.
If it's all just a dream then keep on dreaming.

Finally... its always best to make the decision yourself, other people will have their own pinion and aesthetic about things, it won't be yours.

Costume jewellery is the perfect way to personalise an outfit and express the wearers own sense of style.

And don't forget to throw away the rule book and wear it your way... Enjoy!


As an example this unsigned lovely gold tone necklace is well priced, available and wearable with just about anything in your wardrobe , these types of vintage necklaces are always treasured and sought after due to their appealing design and wearability.


Vintage gold plated double filigree tassel necklace c. 1970's



On the other hand
This signed Miriam Haskell piece is a fine example of Haskell's work made around the 1940's and highly sought after among collectors of vintage and costume jewellery, Haskell is known for her intricate bead and metal work, which are indicative of her feminine classic floral designs.
The price of Haskell's pieces can range anywhere from $500 for a pair of earrings to upwards of $2000 for more elaborate designs such as necklaces. Rarity and age are a big factor here.


Vintage Signed 'Miriam Haskell necklace c. 1950





Highly regarded for the handcrafted workmanship and intricate detail, this particular work is now considered 'Semi Precious', the makers of these wonderful pieces are as rare as the pieces themselves, for this reason they are highly prized and highly priced.




When comparing pieces for their value, the range is huge.
Eg. Vintage, Recent, High End Designer Costume Jewellery etc.


Recent Costume Jewellery Examples



Signed Larry Vrba Crystal Bow Brooch


Signed 'Vrba' Military Style Brooch Brooch




Vintage Costume Jewellery Examples




Signed vintage Stanley Hagler brooch c. 1960


Signed Stanley Hagler bow brooch


High-End Designer Costume Jewellery Examples


Vintage Signed "YSL" Gold Disc Necklace c. 1970


Vintage Signed 'Christian Lacroix' Chunky Gold Plated Neckpiece




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