Decorated in Beads // Stanley Hagler

Stanley Hagler Bead Work 
Beautifully elaborate and detailed, there is no question that Haglers jewellery are true masterpieces. Just looking at them adds a whole new meaning to WOW! 
Hagler, who worked throughout the 50s to 80s, uses faux pearls (hand-blown glass), crystals and hand wired beads to carefully craft his designs. Each piece has its own uniqueness that makes you want to lean in close, squint your eyes and admire the workmanship. So heres a little history: Stanley Haglers career started from a dare! His friends told him he wasnt capable of making jewellery, and what happened? He proved them wrong by creating his first piece (a bracelet) which ended up on the arm of the Duchess of Windsor! His work has been featured in New York Fashion Week and Vogue, popular during the 50s and 60s and collectable to this day. 
Hagler's attention to detail made his designs exemplary. To this end, pieces were adaptable: accessories could be added to change the look earrings; necklace clasps doubled as hair clips or pins; necklaces used to be worn as bracelets; and pieces were designed to look as if they were the same from the back as the front.
Harlequin Market has been sourcing and selling Stanley Hagler jewellery for over 20 years. Each piece, timeless in design, if you are a collector or simply a lover of jewellery, it is imperative to have a piece of Hagler jewellery in your collection.

View a close up video of a piece of Stanley Hagler vintage jewellery.