Christian Lacroix Vintage Jewellery & His Couture Interiors Creations



In awe of the enchanting opulence that is Christian Lacroix interiors!

Spot the multicoloured harlequin print wallpaper & the signature Lacroix crystal jewels. 





As you'll know, if you follow what we do here at Harlequin Market; people love vintage jewellery because of its history, where it has come from and how long ago it was made. They also love talking about their jewellery and the older, more unique it is, the more conversation it can create.

One thing we know for sure is that Christian Lacroix was and always will be one of the most incredible Haute-Couture fashion designers in history! His opulent, statement jewellery and often abstract designs are always sure to grab peoples attention.


A new collection of Christian Lacroix vintage has just arrived from Paris, and more pieces will be added weekly to our growing collection.


Enjoy x



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