Animal Lovers Unite! // Marie Christine Pavone

Pavone cat bangle
Pavone cat bangle on Pebbles


Were looking at Marie Christine Pavones cat bangles and at HQM, we cant get enough! These chunky, fashionable and totally adorable arm pieces are one of a kind and only from Pavone herself.  

Crafted by hand and taking as long as a week to complete (wow!), French artist Pavone takes material known as Galalith (a material thats no longer made) from old objects such a electrical goods, handles and pianos and transforms them into wonderful modern day jewellery and if youve been in our store, youll know that Pavone is one dedicated animal lover! This amazing Pavone cat bangle just looks amazing on Pebbles with her stylish outfit.

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Pavone cat bangle HQM onlinePavone cat bangle HQM onlinePavone cat bangle HQM online
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